What you need to know about medical cannabis in France

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legal cannabis in France

What you need to know about medical cannabis in France

What you need to know about medical cannabis in France

In France, Cannabis has a bad reputation because of the many hallucinogenic and addictive products it creates. Nevertheless, respecting certain standards, this plant finds its place in the medical field.

Before going back in more detail, a history lesson is essential:

The first uses of Cannabis as a medicinal plant date back to ancient times. It was revealed that the soothing virtues of the Sativa plant were known to Egyptians as well as Chinese and Indian. In France, this plant is very popular, at least until 1953 when Marijuana becomes illegal. Our pharmacies have emptied of this substance contrary to certain states of the United States. 23 states still allow it for medical purposes. In 2017, Canada will re-authorize it. then other European countries such as Germany, Italy, Portugal or Switzerland are added to the list. Even though Cannabis plant products are starting to grow, sales are strictly controlled: only authorized stores can supply certain patients whose needs have been certified by a doctor.

What are the benefits of medical marijuana?

The International Association for Cannabis Medical (AICM) has identified the main therapeutic applications of Sativa in many disorders. As such, Dr. Grotenhermen published a book under the name « Cannabis in Medicine: A Practical Guide to the Medical Applications of Cannabis and THC ». This book lists in more detail all the benefits of the plant, at least those that have been discovered.

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