What differentiates CBD and THC

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difference between cbd and thc

What differentiates CBD and THC

What differentiates CBD and THC

CBD and THC have one thing in common: they come from the same plant variety. These are cannabinoids, chemicals that act on the body’s receptors. They have more differences than you think.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

Cannabis comes in several species, and each has its properties in the cannabinoid. The most famous remains the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), responsible for the euphoric abilities of the plant. This is particularly what makes its illegal consumption in many countries, especially in France. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the molecules of cannabis, present in industrial hemp. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD has only soothing virtues, and poses no risk of change of state of the consumer. By attaching to the CB2 receptors of the human body, it allows the consumer to no longer suffer from aches or disorders of the mood (hence his interest in the treatment of depression).

The interest of the CBD therefore lies in the medical field. Playing the role of an anxiolytic, it allows the patient to feel less the effects of pain (certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis, or inflammation) anxiety and mood disorders. Where THC plays a hallucinogenic effect and is therefore prohibited, CBD plays a relaxing role, and many studies are underway, which will reveal the other talents of this molecule.

Is the CBD legal?

Yes. CBD products are legal from the moment that the THC content in plants does not exceed 0.2%, and they do not contain them. Without hallucinogenic effects, these products are perfectly legal and do not pose any risk to the consumer in terms of addiction or even perceptual disturbance, which is the case for products containing THC. Attention, the law changes from one country to another: a product may be legal in France and illegal elsewhere and vice versa. If you have to buy cbd elsewhere than in France or on the internet, take a good look at the product description to make sure that you are in legality.

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