What are the contraindications for the CBD

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What are the contraindications for the CBD

What are the contraindications for CBD?

For some time now we have started to see the market for products based on CBD, a substance derived from cannabis from hemp, that is to say a variety of cannabis low in THC. These products, having no trace of THC and not having the same effects as the psychotropic, are perfectly legal in France. However, as with taking any substance, one must be careful about contraindications. CBD (cannabidiol) has become popular since the discovery of the endocannabinoid system. This research has shown that the human body can naturally accept cannabinoids. By attaching itself to the immune system receptors, CBD can help by relieving it of pain or stress. For this, a regular and appropriate dose must be taken (always under the advice of a doctor). But beware, what works for some may not work in others, and have the opposite effects.


CBD is known for its relaxing effects. So do not drive after taking. It should be noted that CBD is prescribed in case of insomnia. If, at low doses, significant fatigue is felt by the consumer, it is better not to continue. Other symptoms, dizziness, stomachaches, nausea, are also signs of not continuing.

Arterial disorders:

Due to its relaxing effect, CBD slowed down muscle and also heart activity. CBD is therefore not recommended for people with arterial disorders. Sensations of vertigo should indicate to the patient that he should not take any.

CBD for pregnant women:

Since hemp products have an impact on the fetus, pregnant women should not take CBD products.

CBD and Parkinson:

Since CBD makes dystonia worse, it is not recommended for people with Parkinson’s disease. All faith, the research progresses.

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