Treat multiple sclerosis with CBD

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Treat multiple sclerosis with CBD

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease characterized by degeneration of the nervous system. Among the best known symptoms we can mention the sensation of heavy legs, vision problems and sensations of electric shock. The causes of this disease are numerous. But it results in the destruction of myelin (protective layer of nerve fibers) by the immune system which considers it as a foreign body. This results in severe and painful inflammation in many parts of the body. This disease works by crisis, sometimes spaced several days apart. In the long term, it results in death.

Can CBD cure multiple sclerosis?

No. To date, we do not know how to cure the causes of multiple sclerosis. So she comes back even after treatment. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD (a cannabinoid present in legal industrial hemp in France because of low THC levels) can be useful in the management of pain due to this pathology. CBD could therefore calm the pain (due to its role of analgesic) due to inflammation.


In France only drugs containing THC approved by the ANSM can be bought and consumed legally. Unfortunately, SATIVEX is one of the medications that can relieve MS patients but is not allowed in France.

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