Therapeutic cannabis research continues

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Therapeutic cannabis research continues

The interest of therapeutic cannabis has often been questioned. Between medical virtues and hallucinogenic distraction, the debate and polemics have only grown. Studies launched last September have just ended in December, and here is the verdict. The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) has created a scientific committee to judge the reliability and interest of Cannabis products in the medical field. Researchers, but also patients have been heard. This committee, called the Temporary Specialized Scientific Committee (CSST) met last December to give its verdict. Between September and December 2018, the committee met three times to discuss the use of cannabis in the medical field. They interviewed patients and scientists. You can watch these auditions on the youtube channel of the ANSM. As a result of the various researches carried out, the use of CBD in the field of medicine for certain patients suffering from excruciating pain or reacting badly to certain chemical treatments. The committee retained the following situations: Pain not treated by other therapies In the case of severe epilepsy, which can not be detected by medication In addition to cancer care In the treatment of multiple sclerosis In palliative situations The committee has also thought of a system for monitoring patients. He also supports the need for a change in legislation.

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