The production of CBD

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The production of CBD

How is the CBD produced?

Before going any further, you should know that CBD’s home production is punishable by law. To produce CBD oil, the operator uses certain techniques according to his abilities.

Before starting production, the farmer must ensure the quality of the hemp he uses. He is committed to using only plants with THC levels equal to or lower than the law. Beyond the product is considered a drug. CBD oil is often mixed with oil. It is a fast and safe process. In addition to the taste brought to the product, Omega acid intake is a plus when hemp is used as a base support. This method makes it possible not to use chemicals, in addition to allowing a long conservation of the product. The CO2 method is also widely used. This is the cleanest method but also safer. The process consists of creating a protective environment for the plant from a very low temperature or very high. Despite the assurance and reliability produced by this technique, it is very complex and requires a lot of experience, in addition to a significant financial investment, which naturally increases the price of the product.

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