The legality of the CBD

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The legality of the CBD

The legality of the CBD

The plants of the cannabicae species are composed of cannabinoids. Among them we find the famous tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), reputed to be a drug, but also Cannabidiol (CBD). The latter has no psychotropic effect but works more as an anxiolytic. Hence the interest that researchers bring him. But can we talk about the legal sale of cannabis when it comes to selling CBD products? This is what we will see in detail in the following article.

What the law says about CBD, THC, Cannabis and hemp:

There are several varieties of cannabis plant. The one we are interested in is Sativa L, of which THC and CBD are the most well-known components. But we must not forget that in France, as in most EU countries, psychotropic drugs are banned. This is why the law is very clear: any plant with a THC level above 0.2% is considered a drug, and any use is prohibited. Other plants are called hemp and their exploitation is allowed from the moment when no trace of THC is found in the finished product. Strictly speaking, no law mentions the case of the CBD, because the law of 31 December 1970 defines cannabis as a narcotic because of the presence of THC. But here, what interests us is the presence of CBD without trace of THC. What defines a drug as a drug is its active ingredient. From a technical point of view, if a plant whose THC level does not exceed the 0.2% allowed grows in France, it is not considered a drug and is therefore legal. Be careful though, home production of cannabis product is illegal in France. To be more precise, it should not be said that the CBD is allowed, it is not just considered a narcotic and is not illegal. However, details have been provided by health authorities: no CBD product should contain THC. Only seeds and plant fibers with THC levels below 0.2% can be used. The use of leaves or cannabis flowers is prohibited.

Shopping on the internet:

The law is very clear: from the moment you consume a product without THC, you are not in violation. But it’s your responsibility to know where the products you buy come from, because health standards vary from country to country. In case of customs control, products that do not meet the country’s standards will be confiscated. You will not be penalized, but if you want to recover your product, you will have to prove that it is not a drug, which will take time and cost you money.

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