The kitchen at the CBD

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The kitchen at the CBD

You probably hear about it at the moment therapeutic cannabis is talking a lot about him. Indeed the CBD, its main molecule, brings wellness. That’s why some people vape it, some ingest it or smoke it, so why not cook it?


Hemp seed contains many nutrients. It is a good source of vitamins and fiber. You can eat them whole, which brings a crunchy side to your preparation, or shelled. Whole, they have the property of reducing cholesterol. They can be grilled and tasted as an aperitif. When they are shelled, they have a higher lipid and vegetable protein content. Fatty acids account for 50% of lipids, and 82% of them are polyunsaturated (omega 3 and 6). They can also be found in the form of flour. It should be noted that Chènevis does not contain gluten.

The contributions of the kitchen to the CBD

In addition to being a good source of protein and fiber, cooking hemp seeds is very good for the heart, intestinal transit. They also help strengthen the immune system. They can incorporate desserts, cheeses, fish and salads.

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