The effects of THC on your body

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thc effects

The effects of THC on your body

What is THC?

THC (D9-Tetrahydrocannabidiol) is a cannabinoid, one of the components of the cannabis plant.

Where is the THC?

THC is one of many cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are components of most cannabis strains. Its concentration varies from one plant to another. Until today there are about a hundred different cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid has its own effects.

What are the effects of THC?

THC is a psychotropic molecule. When it is smoked, THC binds to the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, that is to say in the brain. It does not act like the CBD. It will therefore alter the behavior of the consumer and cause effects such as euphoria. Nevertheless its consumption is not trivial. When the smoker is under his control, it is difficult for him to reason or even to behave normally. When the smoker consumes cannabis with tobacco, vomiting and loss of control may occur. It is also possible to develop a THC addiction as well as other pathologies such as paranoia, schizophrenia and premature cancer.

What does the THC Act say?

In France the production and sale of cannabis is prohibited, and punishable by a 10-year prison sentence and a 7.5 million euro fine. Driving under the influence of this psychotropic can be worth 2 years imprisonment, 4500 € fine and a withdrawal of 6 points.

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