The effects of CBD

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effects of the cbd

The effects of CBD

The effects of CBD

CBD products from the Cannabis plant are not intended to change the consumer’s state of consciousness because they are extremely low in THC. These products are intended to act on the receptors related to pain, anxiety and anxiety. To help you become familiar with this product, we offer a non-exhaustive list of 6 positive effects of CBD.

1- CBD neutralizes the effects of THC

CBD is not a drug, so it is not psychoactive, but it can counteract the harmful effects of THC. Excessive consumption of THC can lead to serious disorders, such as anxiety or paranoia, which CBD can neutralize, because of its relaxing virtues.

2- CBD relieves pain

If the CBD attracts the attention of pharmacy researchers, it is above all for its therapeutic virtues. Indeed, studies have shown, a few years ago, that the human body has the natural properties to receive the CBD molecule (thanks to the CB1 and CB2 receptors), since it produces itself. The ability of the human body to receive the CBD molecule allows the body to reduce the perception of pain (such as chronic inflammatory diseases).

3- The effects of CBD on anxiety and depression

It would be premeditated to say that CBD products can replace antidepressants. Nevertheless, thanks to its anxiolytic properties the molecule can regulate the mood of the patient and has a positive effect on anxiety attacks. Studies have been launched on the use of CBD in the psychiatric field, particularly to treat schizophrenia.

4- CBD and other diseases

Other pathologies could be treated by CBD products. Creams have already been designed to treat acne with CBD, due to the product’s sebostatic attributes. With THC (low dose, always) CBD is one of the active ingredients of SATIVEX, a medicine prescribed to patients with multiple sclerosis. Studies have been launched to treat other disorders, such as intestinal inflammations or other pathologies.

5- The CBD against addictions

It takes a very large amount of CBD to achieve the same effects as THC. However, it can be used to treat addictions, such as those with THC, but also alcohol and tobacco.

6- CBD and serious diseases

The therapeutic virtues of CBD seem endless, so much so that studies are being launched to cure any type of disease, such as cancer. Indeed, CBD could slow down the development of tumors and the proliferation of cancer cells. In addition, the product will help patients who are doing chemotherapy by soothing their pain and mood disorders. The results are encouraging, although much progress remains to be made.

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