The different products of CBD

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The different products of CBD

The legalization of CBD and the exploitation of certain varieties of hemp gave birth to several products. Even if they offer all the virtues of CBD, it is important to choose your product. Attention all the same, we always recommend to see a doctor before consuming our products.

CBD oil

Presented in a bottle with a pipette, it is the most common product. It can be slowly ingested by placing under the tongue or mixed with your food. It exists under different fragrances but also under different categories of oil. Indeed, the choice of oil is also important because some oils used, in addition to containing CBD, also contain other elements such as omega 3. So be careful to look at the oil used and its components.

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The CBD flower

The CBD flower is smoked. It does not contain THC and does not cause the effects of a joint, even if it tastes like it.

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Capsules have the advantage of being easy to take. You need nothing but a glass of water. However, the effects are longer to come, since the capsule must first be digested. This product still has the advantage of being able to control the dose of CBD that you ingest, such as a drug.

Balms and creams

People with skin problems can turn to CBD cream. It is spread on the skin in case of localized problem.

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Food at CBD

There are all kinds of edible products based on CBD, such as tea or sweets. However, you must know that the CBD degrades during cooking. It will be necessary to add it at the last minute.

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Among the many products of CBD, the most popular is probably the liquid vaping. To place in an e-cigarette it is declined under several perfumes. As with tobacco, this method is considered less carcinogenic since there is no combustion. The big advantage of this product is that you will not need a lot of CBD to feel the effects. Being inhaled the CBD goes directly into the lungs, unlike the oil that goes through faith. Which makes this product a very economical product.

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How to choose the product that suits you?

It all depends on your lifestyle and the desired effects. If you do not have much time choose something fast to swallow, like capsules. If instead you want to take the time to savor the product choose something softer.

Attention all the same, we advise against taking CBD in some cases, as before driving.


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