The CBD: what not to believe

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The CBD: what not to believe

At a time when we begin to question the dangerousness of cannabis in order to legalize it for medical jobs, many rumors circulate about it. In this article, we will sort out what is true and what is not about CBD.

CBD is illegal:

We must not confuse everything. The CBD can certainly be obtained in various ways and from various cannabis plants, but it does not have to be seen as a drug. From the moment that the variety of hemp used does not contain a THC level higher than the french law, the product is not illegal.

Cannabis is legal:

No. As the law says, any product that is staggering or does not meet manufacturing standards is illegal in France. Since most cannabis plants contain THC, it is illegal to produce THC without permission, and especially to market or consume it.

We can be addicted to the CBD:

THC is made to be treated by CB1 receptors which are mainly present in the brain, hence its psychotropic effect. The other cannabinoids are treated with CB2 receptors, which are more commonly found in the rest of the body. As a result, CBD does not create dependence, unlike THC.

CBD only cures pain:

CBD is mostly a muscle relaxant. It acts as an analgesic, an anti-inflammatory and an anxiolytic. It can therefore be used to relieve certain ailments and diseases, such as tendinitis or menstruation. It’s better than taking medication. But CBD has other properties, such as to promote sleep or appetite. It also helps strengthen the immune system.

You can take CBD oil any way you want:

No, certain conditions must be respected to take CBD. You should not take any before driving or if you suffer from certain disorders. We recommend that you take the advice of your doctor before taking any medicine next to you.

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