Take CBD to treat asthma?

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asthma cbd

Take CBD to treat asthma?

To treat asthma, you need to understand asthma. An asthma attack is characterized by an increasingly severe difficulty breathing and pain in the chest. This phenomenon is due to inflammation of the airways. When a seizure occurs, the muscles around the airways contract, causing the victim to suffocate. If it is not treated quickly, the result may be an increase in mucus in the lungs. Where cannabidiol has proven itself, it is in its function of anti-inflammatory. Without the need for THC, CBD alone reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles. It is by soothing the immune system that it can release the patient from an asthma attack. For now no lasting cure has been found. But the use of CBD as an anti-inflammatory for an asthma attack is widely approved, since an asthma attack is characterized by inflammation of the airways. Of course, we do not smoke when we are asthmatic.

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