Role of CBD in homeostasis

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Role of CBD in homeostasis

Homeostasis refers to the hormonal balance regulated by several glands distributed throughout the body and brain. Among them we can mention melatonin (the sleep hormone), cortisol and insulin. If all these hormones exist, it’s not for nothing. Their role is to allow the various functions of the human body such as sleep, regeneration of cells, blood sugar regulation or stress.

But if one of the glands responsible for the management of these hormones comes to be disordered, the balance is broken and some disorders can appear: stress, insomnia, diabetes, weight gain.

The effects of CBD in homeostasis

Studies have revealed that the consumption of CBD, this super molecule from hemp, would regulate the secretion of these hormones. It allows to boost their gland if they miss or calm them if they have too much. A stressed person produces too much cortisol. Regular consumption of CBD will help it to calm down. A person with insomnia has a lack of melatonin. CBD can therefore boost this hormone and promote sleep.

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