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Questions and Answers CBD

Le CBD (cannabidiol) est un des nombreux cannabinoïdes présents dans les différentes variétés de chanvre. Il n’est pas psychoactif, il est donc légal en France.


Qu’est ce que le CBD?

Hemp is a cannabis strain. When we talk about cannabis, we can speak as much of plant as of variety of plant. The main difference between the two is their THC level. In the cannabis family he has several plants. But their composition has made them all very different. Most cannabis plants have a high THC level, which makes them illegal. The hemp does not know that 0.2%, which is in accordance with French law. Different kinds of cannabis


Différentes sortes de Cannabis

There are different ways. In capsule to swallow, in oil to deposit under the tongue or in your dishes, to vaper. It all depends on how useful you are. The capsules and the oil take a long time to work, much more than the e-liquid. Being vaporized it goes directly into the lungs and blood, unlike the oil that has to be digested, which takes more time.

CBD can also be applied locally with creams and ointments in case of skin problems.

These are both cannabinoids, however THC is the molecule that gives the plant its hovering effect when it is smoked. It is therefore illegal for all purposes. CBD does not cause these effects and acts more like a muscle relaxant. It does not cause the negative effects of THC (such as addiction or paranoia).

What differentiates CBD and THC

CBD is a super molecule absorbed by the endocannabinoid system. It acts as a muscle relaxant and nervous, and promotes sleep, weight loss, appetite, and allows less to feel the effects of stress, anxiety, pain. That’s why we give it therapeutic effects.

CBD Effects

We call full-spectrum or broad-spectrum product any product containing all the cannabinoids of the hemp plant. The interest of such products is that thanks to the fact that all cannabinoids are present, they have a tenfold effect, each cannabinoid having its specificity.

CBD isolate or full spectrum product ?

Yes of course, all our products are tested and certified.

Although CBD is not psychoactive, it is a muscle relaxant. Reflexes can therefore be slowed down. Even if they are not supposed to contain some of our products may contain a very low dose of THC. Of course it would be minimal, and you have a 1 in 1 chance of falling on it. But it would take one faith for control to be positive. Therefore, we do not advise you.Conduct under CBD

Drive on CBD

To grow hemp, we can do it indoors or outdoors. Outdoor plants are identical to wild plants, and evolve at the will of Mother Nature. When grown indoors, in greenhouses, their evolution is more controlled and the result is that expected.

The endocannabinoid system is composed of multiple receptors distributed throughout the human body. He plays the role of a regulator of pain, mood, emotion, fatigue …

Just as one can be allergic to a multitude of things, one can be allergic to CBD. If you are prone to certain allergies, we recommend that you seek medical advice.

Some consumers have noticed a dry mouth feeling after taking CBD. However, no study to date has revealed any adverse effects. As always, in case of doubt, we recommend that you consult a doctor.

There are several ways to extract the CBD. The most conventional method is the supercritical CO2 method. This method, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, consists in heating a gas and putting it to a certain pressure and putting it in contact with the raw material. This method is the softest because it does not require any chemicals and can preserve all the desired components.


Producing CBD

For an adult, it is not advisable to exceed the dose of 200mg / day.

You will receive your products within 5 days.

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