Hemp or cannabis what differences?

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cannabis and hemp cbd

Hemp or cannabis what differences?

What is the difference between hemp and CBD?

The term cannabis includes a wide variety of plants with very different compositions and properties. In this large family, we find classic cannabis and industrial hemp, which is grown for the purpose of making therapeutic products based on cannabinoids. But what is the difference between industrial hemp and recreational cannabis?

How to differentiate hemp and cannabis

Even though these two plants belong to the same family, there are several notable differences that differentiate them. Be careful though: even if you find a legal variety of cannabis, even at home, you will not be able to use it. Because it is illegal to market something without declaring it. The big difference is their chemical composition: The cannabis plant is mainly cultivated for its psychotropic effects of which THC is responsible. Conversely, hemp is known to have a low level of THC. In France, the law prohibits trade in plants with THC levels above 0.2%. This law changes from one country to another. Any plant that has a THC level higher than French law is therefore considered cannabis and is therefore prohibited. Attention, only the plant can contain THC, not the finished product. If a product contains THC, such as Full Spectrum products, it becomes a stunner and is therefore prohibited. But from one country to another, norms and laws change. that’s why you have to refer to it when you buy or order something online.

But even if the legal difference is based on THC, the appearance is also different between the two plants. Cannabis grows in small bushy bush. Hemp can grow up to 4 meters tall. There is a linguistic difference. If you say « I grow cannabis », you will see a clear difference in the face of your interlocutor if you said « I grow hemp ». Because in our society hemp and cannabis are often confused.

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