Give CBD to a pet

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cbd for animals

Give CBD to a pet

Like any other mammal in this planet, pets have an endocannabinoid system. Discovered about 30 years ago, it is composed of 2 large receptors distributed in the body: CB1 and CB2.And like us, our dear four-legged animals can feel stress, appetite disorders or other.

But if humans and animals have about the same properties, can they be treated in the same way?

A little bit, yes. When a dog or cat has a toothache it is taken to the vet. Same thing if he looks sick. Except we go to the dentist or the doctor.

Can we give CBD to a pet?

Yes. But not in the same proportions depending on the type. In general, animals do not support CBD as well as we do, like chocolate, and do not talk about THC. To avoid complicating things, it is therefore essential to respect the doses on the boxes.

What dose to give to animal vote?

As we said, it all depends on its type. The first person to consult is your veterinarian. He is the only one to tell you what your four-legged friend is suffering from and the appropriate solution. Remember that CBD is treated by faith (when it is swallowed). It should not be given at the same time as other medications.

Why to give CBD to an animal?

Do not think that giving a dog a CBD is giving jam to pigs. CBD oil has its advantages: it is natural, easily absorbed by the body, it is less violent than chemical treatments and it does not present a risk of dependence. Plus, it will be easy to give to him since you can mix it with his food.

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