Different kinds of Cannabis

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Different cannabis

Different kinds of Cannabis

Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis: what difference?

The Cannabaceae family is made up of Hops and Cannabis, which comes in several forms: marijuana, hemp, hempseed, hashish …. It is therefore important to distinguish them, so as not to consume anything. Hemp is the most used plant for CBD products. Its THC level is only 0.2%. It comes in three forms: cultivated hemp is called Sativa, Indian hemp is called Indica, and agricultural hemp is a plant without THC.


Sativa has elongated thin leaves, feet are larger, and has a THC level of up to 30%. In France, the law authorizes the marketing of products from the moment when the plant of origin did not exceed the 0.2% of THC. The laboratories choose this plant because of its medical virtues.

The Indica

Indica grows only in the highest regions of the world: the Himalayas. It has one of the highest CBD levels. It is best known for its relaxing and soporific effects. Its leaves are short and broad, and its stocky feet.


Also known as agricultural hemp, the plant Ruderalis is the plant with a THC level that does not exceed the French regulation: 0.2%. Same appearance as Sativa, it is smaller and its CBD is reduced. This plant grows easily in Eastern Europe.

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