CBD and Sport

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CBD and Sport

Throughout his life an athlete has to face many constraints. They can be social, media, financial, but especially physical. The world of sport is extremely competitive: many of them are called, few are elected.

Some do not even have to wait for a scandal for their career to end. A simple injury during a match or training can be fatal. This is why the athlete’s recovery is as important as training.

The properties of the CBD

CBD is known to have many therapeutic properties. It has the ability to act as an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxant and an anxiolytic. The biggest advantage of CBD is that it does not act like THC. It is therefore legal in our country. Long regarded as a doping product, the World Anti-Doping Agency removes it from banned products. His sporting job is no longer punished. As for cannabis, it is always prohibited.

What players say

Many players support the beneficial effects of CBD. Some have even seen shorter recovery times and less pain after taking it. Some former professional players, now retired, have turned to the CBD, like Marvin Washington, to relieve the pain they owe to their glorious career.

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