CBD and eye pain

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CBD and eye pain

The eye is an extremely sensitive organ. The slightest contact with the cornea is painful. Because of this hypersensitivity eye pain is common, and with time more severe lesions may appear causing more and more frequent pain.

The analgesic effect of CBD

CBD, this super molecule from the exploitation of hemp, has the main role to be a powerful analgesic. By attaching to CB2 receptors it helps to relieve the perception of pain and inflammation.

What mode of administration?

Unfortunately for those concerned, CBD eye drops do not exist yet. Since CBD oil can not mix with water, no aqueous solution of CBD can enter the eye to relieve pain. To relieve your eye pain, or other, we recommend taking CBD by other ways, such as oil to deposit under the tongue or to vapote.

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Source: https://www.hexagonevert.fr/gouttes-oculaires-cbd-nouvelle-frontiere-douleur-oculaire/

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