CBD against GVHD syndrome

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CBD against GVHD syndrome

Although it can save millions of people every year, bone marrow transplants are not safe. In this article we will introduce you to what GVHD is.

Functioning of pathology

When a transplant has to take place, the patient who must receive it must first be treated by rays so that his marrow is destroyed. The foreign cord is then transmitted to him. Only this can identify the patient’s old bone marrow as a foreign body. She starts to attack it: it is the graft syndrome. Serious skin lesions and rashes follow. Since the patient no longer has an immune system, graft syndrome can be fatal. Statistics show that 50% of patients who have received a bone marrow transplant contract this syndrome.

The role of the CBD

CBD is one of the main molecules of the cannabis plant. Its main interest is that of acting as an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic, in addition to having other effects. After hearing that cannabis-using patients were less aware of the effects of graft syndrome and that it was diminished, Dr. Yeshuru undertook studies that showed that CBD greatly diminished the effects of the syndrome. Several laboratories have multiplied the tests.

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source: https://www.hexagonevert.fr/cbd-efficace-traitement-de-la-gvhd/

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