CBD against alcohol, tobacco and drugs:

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CBD against alcohol, tobacco and drugs:

By virtue of its therapeutic properties, CBD, a derivative product of cannabis without THC, is much talked about. The big question he has raised is his ability to cure drugs and addictions. Addictive substances are numerous, among them tobacco, alcohol and heroin have been the subject of in-depth studies.

A study on several nicotine-dependent patients was conducted.

It consisted of counting the number of cigarettes that each patient smoked daily during the CBD treatment. Among them, some received only a placebo. The latter still consumed the same number of cigarettes as before the beginning of the experiment, unlike the others in whom the lack of nicotine was less felt.

Concerning alcohol, the tests were more conclusive.

Prolonged alcohol dependence damages the immune system, which facilitates the onset of certain diseases and conditions. The CBD molecule tends to bind to the CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. That is, it plays a role in the preservation of the immune system. Tests were conducted on several alcohol-impaired patients whose immune systems had been weakened. They showed that CBD allowed the immune system to repair itself, in addition to reducing the patient’s need for alcohol.

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