Cannabis cancer treatment

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Cannabis cancer treatment

Medicinal cannabis in the treatment of cancer

At present, any type of information and testimony can circulate on the internet. In this jumble of information, it’s difficult to see clearly. Many claim that Cannabis and CBD help heal cancer. This is a well received idea. In this article we propose a way to see more clearly about the effects of Cannabis on cancer.

Can cannabis cure cancer?

No. If a simple drug had been enough to cure this plague, it would not make as many deaths every year. since the 1970s and 1980s, numerous studies have been conducted on the treatment of certain diseases by cannabis. Some have failed, others are encouraging, and some have even proven themselves. But when it comes to cancer, the studies are far from conclusive. Certain effects of Cannabis have been shown to play a role in the treatment of cancer. Indeed, Cannabis helps facilitate treatment by allowing patients to bear the pain. One of the peculiarities of CBD is to allow relaxation (without the negative effects of drugs such as loss of control) and reduce anxiety, which can help when fighting cancer. Regarding the other properties of cannabinoids, they would allow the slowing of cellular development (and therefore of the cancerous tumor as well as the proliferation of bad cells in the body). Studies have been done on mice in the laboratory. But according to health authorities, no treatment on humans has yet been tested. « Cannabis Heals Cancer » is nothing more than a standing story: do not believe that no Junky ever died of cancer.

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