Cannabidiol to treat depression

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cbd depression

Cannabidiol to treat depression

Loss of envy, hope or even pleasure are the most well-known features of people with depression, whose numbers have significantly increased in recent years. Since Medicinal Marijuana came into being, many studies have been launched to find out which diseases can be cured with them. Here we will talk about the case of depression.

Depression: what is it?

In France, one in five people would be affected by what seems to be the evil of our time. And apparently, women would be the main victims, and according to the World Health Organization it would be the leading cause of death in the world. Because of this scourge, an estimated one million people end their lives because of it. Contrary to depression, this being creeps into the patient’s life and plunges him little by little into a hell of sadness, loneliness and loss of joie de vivre. As we have said, we are not talking about a simple stroke of fatigue, but a real disease that can lead someone to want to suppress.

Can CBD help against depression?

Antidepressants, although effective when depression is low, sometimes remain ineffective when the person is seriously affected. But the side effects do not disappear. That’s why, in recent years, most patients have turned to more natural methods. Among the coveted products, products based on CBD (cannabidiol) such as oils or capsules. Due to the anxiolytic properties of the product, it would boost serotonin and dopamine. Some patients felt the benefits after only a few weeks.

What is CBD and where does it come from?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in many plants of the same family as cannabis. It is found especially in Sativa and industrial hemp, which have the advantage of having a low THC. It should be noted that no plant with THC above 0.2% can be used to produce CBD products. As for them, they must not contain any trace of THC. By complying with these rules, buying and taking CBD products is perfectly legal in France.

It should also be known that CBD, unlike THC, does not hover. It only relaxes the consumer by allowing his immune system to not feel the anxiety, anxiety or even pain.

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