Can cannabis become legal

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legal cannabis

Can cannabis become legal

Can cannabis become legal?

Any product or substance that can alter the behavior or discernment of an individual is prohibited on French soil. It is therefore forbidden to produce and consume. The only exceptions are drugs like Sativex, which the ANSM allows. Due to the strong presence of THC in cannabis, it is forbidden to produce, market or even consume products made from this plant. The penalty can range from a fine to years of imprisonment. Nowadays cannabis use is trivialized. We see it in video games, in series, in music. Some have even forgotten that it is a drug, and that it causes certain disorders and can develop diseases such as paranoia. It is for this reason that was set up in 2013 the governmental plan of fight against cannabis. Recently, Cannabis has been talked about because of the therapeutic properties it has. One molecule, CBD, has been revealed as well as its therapeutic virtues. Indeed, functioning as an anxiolytic, it allows the consumer to relax without « hovering ». Because the consumption of products of which it is the main component has no effect on the brain.

But is cannabis illegal?

When we talk about cannabis, we are talking about a plant with a THC level of over 0.2%. This rate is too high, the plant is considered a drug and its consumption is prohibited. There are some varieties of cannabis, such as hemp, with a THC level of less than 0.2% and whose exploitation and marketing are not illegal (from the moment it is declared). This variety makes it possible to make products based on CBD (cannabidiol), which, if they contain no trace of THC, are not illegal.

About the Terpenes:

This term refers to the resinous molecule responsible for the smell of the plant. It is used in particular wines, e-liquid or in chocolate. This molecule would also hold therapeutic properties. Indeed, like the full spectrum products, it would increase the effects of the cbd. In conclusion, just remember that any product containing THC is illegal and harmful. They cause great physical, mental and relational damage, and even social or legal damage. The other products certainly from the exploitation of hemp but containing no trace of THC in themselves are perfectly legal.

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